Do you know, desquamation is a natural process in which skin cells are created sloughed away and replace the old cells. The process of desquamations happens in the outermost layer of the skin called the epidermis. It takes about 14 to 28 days for the new skin cells to come up and the death cell to wear out.

Talking to my skin is one of my experiment, which idea for 21 days. So, that I can confidently suggest this therapy. I am prone to sun allergy, minimum 15 minutes exposure to sun is enough for my skin to redden and by end of the day my hand feels itchy and burning sensation. My usual routine is to apply Elcon, then sunblock over it and out on the road to rock the day. However, foundations, make up, lotions make my skin feel heavy, so many times I get annoyed with this whole process and skip it and then the whole day I have to bear the repercussions. To add on to this dilemma my vitamin D levels started reducing as there was no way for the sunlight to penetrate through my skin.

I day I decided to talk to my and heal it. As I believe in healing a lot plus the cell replacement is a proven scientific fact. So, I started Mission 21- SKIN. In the morning for half an hour, I sat in the balcony for sunbath. And the results are obvious redness in skin

I started talking to my skin daily for 21 days, specially the affected area around my wrist. Magically my skin, responded immediately. I pampered my skin like we would do to a small child, gently rubbed the skim and said this is the mantra to my skin,‘You are fine, don’t worry. Sun is your friend. Sun is here to give you vitamin D. You are healing, your redness is going. You are healing’


The redness looked the same, the spots were still there. But there was no itching. My belief and faith on sun gave me instant results. I stopped applying lotions and end of the day I was pain free.

To ensure the success of this therapy, do it for 21 days, this therapy becomes a part of your daily skin self-talk.

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